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Creedence Pilsner

Creedence Pilsner

MYR 33.00
12oz bottle (24 per crate)
ABV below 5%

Product Description

Information This Pilsner is modeled after the classic bohemian Pilsners of Europe. We use high quality Pilsner malt to lend the beer a nice delicate flavor and aroma. We add classic Czech hops to give a slightly spicy cedar nose with a light floral finish. This delicately malted, easy-drinking beer is enjoyable on your porch during the warm months as well as for apres ski after a long day skiing powder.
Bitterness (IBU) 35
Original Gravity -
Availability Year Round
Alcohol by Volume 4.9%
Final Gravity -

What Is Craft Beer?

From local bars to Major League baseball stadiums, craft beer has taken over taps across America. Craft beer sales have grown 15% in the past year alone, and it's taking over the world by storm.

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